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1. Why are taxes so complicated?

Simply put, they are complicated by design. Collecting taxes used to fund the government is only part of the purpose of taxes. The government tries to control individual behavior through the tax codes. As a result, there are countless ways that we can save on taxes if we simply use these codes and their legitimate “loopholes” to our advantage.

2.Why should I have to learn about taxes or get tax advice?

The obvious answer is to stay out of trouble. But, just as important, an understanding of how the systems work improves your bottom line. However, whether you are in business, work for someone else or are enjoying your retirement in the beautiful central coast of Santa Cruz or Monterey Counties, tax considerations should only be one part of the overall picture when making your financial decisions:  A cost/benefit analysis helps you to keep and control your income.  And, with a basic understanding, you can better decide who you should employ to help you in this arcane and complicated area. This web site has been designed to help you understand some of the many different factors involved in making good tax and other financial decisions.  I hope you can profit from the information.

Anyone can make money – the trick is keeping it. Keeping it takes just as much work as making it.
~ Virginia Hunter